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Maintenance, whether for an escalator, elevator or any other mobility solution, secures the smooth operation and extents the lifecycle of your product as well as ensuring maximum performance. Maintenance services are operated by well-trained, licensed professionals equipped with years of experience in the field. The timetable maintenance for your product is scheduled according to the current local government regulations and every visit or repair is noted in our maintenance archives, accessible to customers at any time.


We install all types of Elevators, Escalators, Moving walks, Conveyor belts, Disability Elevators and Freight lifts, and more. These categories are all divided into further subcategories of the same products which are designed to fit the customers' needs exactly. Please contact us for a consultation to identify which product fits your needs best.


At Averof Elevators, we heavily emphasise on after-sales service, therefore prioritising this area as demonstrated through our renounced excellent customer service. shown buy. Repairs are performed by our experienced, well-trained licensed professionals at a mutually scheduled time and are fully compliant with all local government regulations.


We regularly train and upskill our personnel to be compliant with new safety and technology regulations, as well as in order to be up to date with current trends and regulations. We also offer safety training for our customers' personnel in order to promote the correct, safe use of our mobility solutions.


We offer renovation services for products that have been installed for a relatively long period of time or according to customer renovation needs. We offer solutions based on your needs or on the upcoming industry trends, always compliant with the specifications of government regulations.


We offer upgrade services to specific parts or complete units to match customer or space needs, or to achieve optimisations through operational modifications.